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    WoW Classic just updated to the Naxxramas patch

    Regardless of protesting and sluggishness, he said that a large portion of the group were completely dedicated to the game "I didn't have a day to day existence outside Blizzard," he reviewed. "It felt normal to...  more
    led by xue li

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    Battlestate Games is working on new items in Escape From Tarkov

    While there's no closure client fix for the awful record ID blunder, there is an answer: Simply trust that the workers will return up. Virtually every client announcing this blunder on the Escape from Tarkov...  more
    led by xue li

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    Getting cheap RuneScape Mobile gold

    I personally regretted not cheap RuneScape Mobile gold getting it. Still played throughout the year on 2 - 4 balances and paid full price I played with without premiere's added price. The M+S, bank rework added great value to the runescape game its just...  more
    led by Mocsky234 wu