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    حروف ذهبية

    مجموعة مختصة بالادب والشعر والنثر والمواعظ الدينية
    led by الحرة نويرا

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    WoW Classic buy classic wow gold finally

    WoW Classic is finally here. And if you love nostalgia, this remake aims to rekindle that insatiable urge to grind that kept so many of us up late into the night. World of Warcraft's vanilla launch--before growth packs altered the game that is core and...  more
    led by Mocsky234 wu

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    Knolls buy classic wow gold or lions you

    You're just as likely to end up fighting the very same Knolls or lions you watched 30 levels prior, just beefed up to beat you. Starting off in Dun Morogh was fresh for me. I'll never defect to the Horde side, but that I could stomach leveling outside of...  more
    led by Mocsky234 wu

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    WoW Classic classic wow gold is a game

    WoW Classic is a game to play for any number of reasons outside its community. Even something as straightforward as updating from ordinary (white) to rare (green) gear or leveling up feels important. It's unquestionably a slow-burn type of sport, and...  more
    led by Mocsky234 wu

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    WoW Classic gold in wow classic reminded me

    Most importantly, WoW Classic reminded me of how far video games have come. Small issues fixed in the upgraded WoW game stand out, such as an inability to discover mobs or pursuit items on the map without even following exact instructions from your log...  more
    led by Mocsky234 wu